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Конференция АНГЛ

Конференция АНГЛ

Dear colleagues!
We invite you to take part in the final International Scientific and Practical Congress of Economists and Lawyers "THE GLOBAL PROBLEM OF HUMAN SECURITY: ECONOMIC AND LEGAL ASPECTS" (Zagreb, Croatia). The event will be held in a convenient and accessible to participants from all corners of the world Internet format supported by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management 28-29 December 2017.

The target audience of the Congress: specialists, teachers, students, undergraduates, graduate students and all those who are not indifferent to the development of the economy, law and society!
A key theme of the Congress - the global problem of human security, which is defined as a person's freedom from want, fear and threats of a changing world.

Accordingly, the work to solve this problem covers two areas: economic and legal. It is in these areas need to update the scientific and expert research, taking into account previous experience and evaluating new trends in world politics and economics in recent years.
To consideration are offered acute questions of the level of public security of different countries, its dependence on existing national structural reforms and the quality of political decisions; forecasting of extraordinary economic events; quantitative and qualitative changes in integration processes in the world economy; poverty alleviation and socio-economic inequality.

The socio-legal sphere of life states experienced higher levels of conflict for reasons of territorial, ethnic and religious differences. A growing number of countries and people involved in the war and confrontation, expanding club of nuclear powers and a new global problem called international terrorism.

The new political and economic approaches developed by the scientific community to ensure human security can create conditions for eliminating sources of danger or reducing the internal and external risks of the emergence of difficult situations in the world and in individual cases.

Thus, we evaluate our joint work as extremely important and socially valuable.

We expect a variety of opinions from the participants. In the context of the problem proposed for solving the problem and the number of scientific works the organizers do not limit themselves!

Конференция АНГЛ
We continue to form and refill our scientific fund with new researches in economics and law.

The key topic of the Congress does not restrict the participants in the choice of the subjects of the submitted research papers.

Конференция АНГЛ
Details about the program membership ISAEJ «Consilium» and other Privileges please click here.
Конференция АНГЛ

Opportunities “The genesis of genius”:
  • your name’s promotion and a statement of Your research papers in the wide scientific community circles;
  • obtaining the professional translation of materials in German, English and French;
  • search for new colleagues and like-minded persons, potential partners;
  • collective construction of new prospects and plans for the cooperation;
  • acquaintance with the experience of the other scholars;
  • improving of Your knowledge;
  • opportunity to keep abreast of all the latest trends and prospects;
  • raise of the intellectual level of training and working institutions.

    According to the results of the Congress the next is provided:
    1.Assigning to the edition ISBN, UDC, BBK.
    2. The publication included in the composition in an information analysis system RISQ.
    3. Assign to each participant a personal certificate (with the degree of protection) about the participation in the congress based on "The genesis of genius".
    4. Publication delivery in the shortest time
    (electronic version - up to 15 workdays, printing up to 30 days after the official release of the online edition versions).

    Конференция АНГЛ
    The congress will be made to the following thematic sections:

    Economics sections:
    Section 1. Logistics.
    Section 2. Economic theory.
    Section 3. PR, advertising & marketing.
    Section 4. Strategic management.
    Section 5. Management theory of economic systems.
    Section 6. Change management.
    Section 7. Economics and quality management.
    Section 8. International economics.
    Section 9. Management.
    Section 10. Global and regional economic integration.
    Section 11. Regional economy.
    Section 12. World economic integration and transformation processes in the twenty-first century.
    Section 13. The problems of macroeconomics.
    Section 14. Banking.
    Section 15. Economic aspects of regional development.
    Section 16. Finance, money and credit.
    Section 17. Economic, organization and management of enterprises.
    Section 18. Economics security.
    Section 19. Labor economics, personnel management.
    Section 20. Finance and tax policy.
    Section 21. Accounting, management accounting and audit.
    Section 22. Human security: economic aspects.

    Jurists sections:
    Section 23. Theory and history of state and law;
    Section 24. Actual issues of the criminal, penalty and procedure law, forensic science;
    Section 25. Law-enforcement authorities and actual issues of combating crime;
    Section 26. International public and private law;
    Section 27. International protection of human rights and freedoms;
    Section 28. International treaties and organizations law;
    Section 29. EU law;
    Section 30. Actual issues of constitutional law and justice;
    Section 31. Medical law and social security law;
    Section 32. Administrative Law and Procedure;
    Section 33. Commercial Law and Procedure;
    Section 34. Civil, housing and family law;
    Section 35. Municipal law and the development of local self-government;
    Section 36. Environmental law, land law, agricultural law.
    Section 37. Labour Law;
    Section 38. Intellectual law;
    Section 39. Civil and arbitration proceedings;
    Section 40. Forensic psychiatry, forensic medicine and legal psychology;
    Section 41. Entrepreneur, corporate and insurance law;
    Section 42. Financial law and regulation of financial policy;
    Section 43. Customs and maritime law;
    Section 44. Law and politics, sociology of law, philosophy of law;
    Section 45. Human security: legal aspects.

    Official languages of the publication: English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian.
    The form of participation: -remote

    For participation in congress, before 27 December 2017 ( include):
    1. Fill in an application on the website of the International scientific association “Consilium” on the page «Scientific events»;
    2. Send by email to,, brief outline of report and scanned or digital copy of payment for registration fee. Names of files must content your name, i.e. Johnson_Brief.doc, Johnson_payment.jpg.
    Applications received after 6 August : will not be accepted.
    Decision about accepting application for publication in the proceedings will be made in 3 working days.
    In the application form must indicate the name and e-mail addresses, separated by commas co-authors of materials.
    1. Organizing committee shall send a confirmation on receipt of materials during 1-2 work days.
    2. If you didn’t receive a confirmation, contact us please.
      Конференция АНГЛ

      Dear Colleagues!
      Pay your attention, that the works, designed not matching the above requirements, to inspect the selection committee are not sent, as will be automatically back for revision to you!
      We hope for your understanding and saving our and your time!
      If you have any difficulties with designed,
      Write to, we will always help you!!

      Конференция АНГЛ
      Participation fee

      With the support of sponsors ISAEJ "Consilium":

      1. We can carry out activities in the CIS and in the EU.
      2. Organizational fees are always available to each participant.
      3. For members of the association are loyal to the conditions of participation.*

      Конференция АНГЛ
      * Details about the program of membership in ISAEJ «Consilium» read here.
      ** Preferential valid for members with valid annual membership fee for 2017. You can extend it at any time, for this write to our address

      The volume of material, which includes Part.fee - up to 5 pages (inclusive). Every next page over the limit will be paid - 1 EUR.

      Details for you make the payment will be sent after the approval of the work to participate in the Congress.

      Postal delivery of printed books carried a special letter through the territorial departments of the editorial board in the CIS countries and the EU at the expense of domestic fund ISAEJ "Consilium".

      Конференция АНГЛ
      We invite to participate in the Congress specialists and teachers of economics and law, students, undergraduates, aspirants and all those who care about the development of the economy, law and society!

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